Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blowing in the wind

California Dreamin'? Nah!

We finally dug ourselves out, mostly, and enjoyed the beautful and bountiful snow from last week. I'm cheating with this picture from several years ago, as the snow is much higher than this. But it does give a glimpse of something I always try to do when I'm clearing snow, making annexes to the main cleared areas. They're usually made to aid the dogs and clear out some play areas. I haven't been able to make my usual broad areas and have made small aisles for accessing the bird feeder and suet feeder. We have a small deck on the back of the house and I always blow the snow away after we push it off so this will be the dogs' new play area. We blew through 5 gallons of gas so fast it was scary, but absolutely necessary. I'm still haunted by our first winter here when I was unable to keep up with hand shoveling the snow away. And who knew I would be prescient, for once, and bought a new auger belt for the snow blower a few weeks ago, especially when it seemed the snows would never be coming.

Aisle leading to the bird feeder.
A bird bath in front of the big grass is buried