Friday, April 06, 2007

I want my Spring back

morning sun on the garden in spring - 2006

Where did Spring go?

Breaking out of winter, it was satisfying seeing the piles and mounds of snow disappear and the world of plants waking up again. No more snow blowing or shoveling, it was time to think of soils and mulch and getting excited over another gardening season.

Tuesday was in the 60's and sunny, feeling like mid-spring or late summer. Wednesday we slipped into an autumn feel, with rain all day and a touch of sleet now and then, as though we were salted by (insert your favorite deity). Woke up on Thursday with everything covered in snow and flurries all day and for the next few days. And today, Friday, we started out with 20 and the next couple of days are not going to improve (read that as getting warm again) on that.

Crocus are in color and Violas have buds but neither is going to open for a while. It is frustrating and I'm feeling like the joggers running in place on street corners, waiting for the light to change and they can run again. This is a time for moving forward and I don't want to be held back. Sigh, it's spring weather in the Great Northeast.


Kathy said...

My birthday is mid-April and I have seen both snow and 80 degree weather on that day. However, it does seem that we are looking at a particularly long stretch of unpleasant weather for what is usually a quite variable month. From a horticultural perspective, this is preferable to unseasonably warm weather, when all the spring flowers are done in a week, and then you have nothing until June.

Apple said...

I think my husband shoveled off the front garden a bit too early. I was so excited to see the bulbs forcing their way through the last of the snow and ice and now they're buried again under a fresh 12". I wondering if we'll have another year where we more straight from winter to summer.

CountryGirl said...

Seeing the photo of your garden last year encourages me. We will have all those flowers again eventually, it just seems like it's taking a long time this spring! Thanks for sharing the photo!