Thursday, January 25, 2007

Magical Morning

I had no idea when I woke up this morning that I would be seeing the most beautiful morning of my life. It seduced and enthralled me, drawing me to experience a new wonder. I felt as Lucy must, as she traveled through C.S. Lewis' wardrobe into a new world. It is a cliché but it really was a winter wonderland.

I knew temperatures during the night had been in the low single digits and I expected a hoar frost coating on the trees. I was also aware that during the last few hours before dawn, the temps had risen to the low teens. Because our road and other features were obscured, I suspected it had been snowing but was unsure of how much had been received. The dogs were pushing me to attend to them so we ventured out before sunrise.

Willow by Pond - on another day in another place

I stepped out of my wardrobe the door, instantly bewitched. It had indeed snowed, only a couple of inches, but everything had been remade. Everywhere I looked the snow covering the mown areas was flat, smooth, and unblemished, like a finely iced cake. All of the shrubs, trees, and other plants had their surfaces encrusted, as if the frost had adhered the flakes to them. Snow was still falling but lightly, in medium flakes, like small squares of cellophane than water transformed.

Enough to see by but not enough for sharp detail, the light made a dreamy world of black and white. I was being mesmerized, knew it, and wanted more. Plants and areas I encounter daily with shallow inspection became valued objects to be studied and adored. I couldn't get enough, as each step the vignette changed and insisted on my appreciating it. I felt lifted beyond an ordinary experience, visiting another realm.

The dogs were indifferent, no surprise there, wanting to be inside again for breakfast. The world changed when the sun came up and color was restored. Branches began losing their white coats, creating small puffs as they spooched on the ground. A light breeze began, exposing more bark and my familiar world was coming back. Although still gorgeous, the aching beauty was gone but it still haunts me.