Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Header

To bounce this blog into the New Year, I have decided to change the header graphic. This is a picture of a road just south of us. If you were driving, you would have just left the tiny hamlet of South Valley heading west and facing a slight incline. The road veers sharply left at the crest, past what I think is the finest stand of evergreens in the area. Predominantly Norway Spruce, the trees are large, shapely, and well-spaced. They are also the landmark guardians of a cemetary at their base. The hill on the right continues higher and is the ridgeline that separates our home nestled in its little valley from here. A light carpeting of snow during the night, a mostly cloudless morning, and little traffic on the roads made for picture-perfect conditions. Thanksgiving morning, 2002.

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Kathy said...

What software do you use to make your headers? Wait--you have a Mac, don't you? Is it Mac only software?

Also, great idea to scan the leaves and seed packets. I might have to use that idea.