Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Gravel wash at the end of the horse run, where the runoff creek joins the big creek in the background.

Let's see what we have here:
  • A foot of snow last Saturday - check.
  • Snow again on Monday and Tuesday - check.
  • Below zero temperature this morning - check.
It must be Spring in New York.

New York is the new North Pole. What global warming. On the 4th of July let's go skiing. Jokes have been circulating on the general topic of this lingering winter but the faces telling them are growing tauter. Quite a change when December and early January were promising a year of little snow, balmy days, and no white in Christmas.

It was in the 60's a week ago, with rain quickly eroding the berms of snow. Patches of turf were emerging and the trees were shimmying out of their slips of white. Robins were back and a mob of red-winged blackbirds were out-hustling the Jays at the feeder. The angle of the sun is greater and its light more intense. The blues of the sky have been amazing, approaching royal in color, with clarity as if filtered through diatomaceous earth.

Spring is here, it's just taking a bit more time than usual. I am learning greater patience and will try very hard not to be envious as gardeners in the rest of the nation are growing into the new season.


Apple said...

The view of the creek is very pretty I hope you'll post another of the view in summer.

The sunrise was beautiful this morning, temps in the 60's today, it was greening up in Syracuse and the boys tracked in plenty of mud for me today, so there is hope for those of us still waiting for the snow to melt.

CountryGirl said...

Your checklist made me laugh! Hopefully we are done with the snow... It's great to hear someone echo some of my thoughts. I had spring fever before I started checking out all the garden blogs but it's hard to be patient seeing everyone's flowers blooming. We will get there! I just have to learn your patience!